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Gaming Legal Group

Facts First

Gaming Legal Compliance is the "watchdog" of the Gaming Legal Group. Its mission is to, in a discrete and diligent fashion, find patterns and connections between entities and legal individuals and report on their individual level of compliance. This information can be used in a wide variety. Research may benefit preparations for a due diligence, a law suit, or player/customer/client identification. 

Frederik van Eijk

Frederik van Eijk, dividing his time between the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands, a former financial controller, has an exceptional 'knack' for finding patterns in financial information. His outstanding skills strongly add to the quality of services by GLG Compliance. With his calculation, Frederik played a vital role in winning the groundbreaking EHRM-case against the government of the Netherlands.

Frederik van Eijk
Pedro Batista
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Pedro Batista

Born in Santo Domingo, Pedro Batista divides his time between the Dominican Republic and Curaçao. Pedro studied international management. He specializes in research of social media and also provides technical support in forensic investigations. Pedro speaks Spanish, English and French fluently.

Josefina Santana

Josefina is a junior financial consultant. She was born in Santo Domingo. Dividing her time between the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands, Josefina supports the financial practice of GLG Compliance. Josefina studies accounting in Santo Domingo. Josefina speaks Spanish, English, Dutch and French fluently.

Josefina Santana

Northern Europe

Suikersilo West 36

1165 MP  Halfweg NH

the Netherlands

+31 20 671 54 85

Southern Europe

5, Triq L-Arcisqof

VLT 1443  Il-Belt

Valletta, Malta

+356 2778 1475

Dutch Caribbean

Chuchubiweg 17



Greater Antilles

Villa Toscane

Parques Las Terrenas

Dominican Republic

GLG Compliance renders compliance services and is a member of Gaming Legal Group. Although GLG Compliance has permanent establishments in four countries, services are rendered under agreement with the Dutch entity GLG Compliance B.V., Dutch trade registration number 58454195. General terms and conditions apply and include limitations of liability. ¬ Gaming Legal Group: Litigation & Compliance.

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